Air And Dust Separators

Even when you do not see any air bubbles in your liquid, there may be a large amount of dissolved gas in it. The amount of gas dissolved in your liquid depends on the system temperature and pressure. When there are changes in the temperature and pressure, the gas dissolved in the liquid will come out. Under these conditions, you can see the micro bubbles forming in your liquid. The trapped and dissolved gases can harm your expensive equipment and reduce its lifespan. Use a dirt and air separator to completely remove both air and dirt from your liquid supplies.

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This device removes air and dirt from the system. The dirt is collected at the bottom of the device while the air exits through the air vent. You can remove the collected dirt during the maintenance services. The separator works completely on automatic mode so you do not have to install anything else to operate and activate it. Install it if you want to keep your boiler and other equipment working efficiently and optimally for a long period of time.


This device allows optimum hydraulic mixing and balancing. There is a large container to collect dirt. It is capable of removing air and micro bubbles even when the pressure is very low. This is an important feature when you supply the liquid to your machine at low pressure. The separator is made from a strong material. The strong body prevents leakage. You can flush the device even when the machine is operational. The device has a long working life so your one time investment will keep working for years to come.


Air and dust separators are used extensively in a wide range of applications across different industries. You can use this range of devices when processing, heating, condensing and chilling water. It works in both closed and open loop system. The separator is needed in all industrial appliances that require liquid free from dirt, air, gas and micro bubbles.


The separator will remove the air from your system automatically. Both air and dirt will be removed from the supplied liquid. The separator comes in sizes ranging from 50 mm to 250 mm so you are sure to find the one that matches your system piping specification. The device is capable of removing dirt particles down to five microns. Current range of boilers generally uses low water content. This can cause dirt deposits, leading to boiler failure. Dirty water is a major reason for the appliance breakdowns. An air and dirt separator is a necessity when you want your boiler plant to work efficiently. Remove all micro bubbles from your chilling and heating water systems. Increase the service life of your control equipment, pumps and accessories.

You save a large amount of energy when your machines work efficiently. There is less power consumption when the primary equipment does not have to work hard. The separator does not require maintenance for a long time to come. It results in reduced labour costs. Your pipeworks and equipment will last longer and give you a better return on your investments.